Personality: INFJ, 4w3
Heritage: Taiwanese
Spirit animal: blue bird
Favorite song: "The Wings That Fly Us Home" by John Denver
Favorite book: Nobody Is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacey
Favorite film: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


Hi there! I'm Christine and I'm a writer, poet, essayist, and SciFi author from Virginia. I have been published on Thought Catalog, Unwritten, Her Track, Be A Light, and YourTango. I also recently started Sky Blue Muse, a Medium publication. As for my educational background, I have a Bachelor's in Mathematics from George Mason University.
In addition to writing articles, poems, essays, and stories, I also love songwriting. I mainly write acoustic singer-songwriter music, though I am looking to make synthpop as well.
Fun Facts:
I'm a minimalist, homebody, sudoku player, avid reader, Miyazaki fan, amateur birdwatcher, personal branding enthusiast, illustrator, and compulsive organizer. I usually wear two colors (black and sky blue) and I'm slightly obsessed with capsule wardrobes and minimalist style. I love Chinese food, burrito bowls, roasted Brussels Sprouts, chickpeas, and sauerkraut. I drink 16 - 24 oz. of black coffee each day. I love green tea and matcha just as much as coffee. French and Swedish are my favorite languages. I regularly watch BookTube, and I can't wait for Christine Riccio's new book (she's my favorite Christine in the world).
I also collect plushies and don't believe that you're ever too old for them.


I aim to connect with Millennials who are dealing with mental, emotional, and existential struggles. Whether it's through an article, poem, or essay, I want to emphasize that all pain is valid, you should not pressure yourself to make your life like someone else's, and you are not a failure for scrapping everything you've done and starting all over again as many times as you need to.


I strive to offer a distinct perspective on identity, self-expression, and finding one's place in the world by applying deep introspection and honest self-evaluation.


Intuitive Thinking

As someone who is a big-picture and future-oriented thinker, I seek to delve into the intersection of the arts and sciences in both a pragmatic and visionary manner in order to explore the ways that we as individuals can better adapt to a changing world and evolve in the process.


I want to bring hope to those who still are afraid of breaking free from a fear-based, scarcity mindset and are tired of it sabotaging their efforts in creating a life that best equips them to face our current, bleak reality. Through both my own personal essays and informative life articles, my purpose is to write my way out of self-sabotage and inspire others to do so as well.