Hi. I’m a new writer on the Internet. I know I have a lot to learn and I’m still trying to figure life out. It’s the greatest mystery, but that’s why it’s so fascinating to experience, dissect, and put into words.

Here’s a list that tells a bit about who I am:

  • INFJ (94% Introverted, 87% Intuitive, 61% Feeling, 90% Judging - to be exact)

  • Enneagram 4w3

  • writer who studied math in college

  • very late night owl

  • black coffee drinker

  • homebody

  • chickpea eater

  • polymath? (it’s debatable)

  • John Denver fan

  • bird in spirit

  • compulsive simplifier

  • list maker

  • living paradox

  • rambling overthinker

  • lover of all shades of sky blue