10 Things Simple Living Advocates Do

1. Work on side hustles. Minimalists are the kings and queens of side hustles. They may write blogs, novels, articles, inspirational books, and songs for both personal fulfillment and extra income. They may have a YouTube channel or podcast where they share their ideas. They would rather create their own media than consume media made by mega-corporations. They also may have some side businesses that involve personal branding, creative advertising, web development, coding productivity apps, or making products that are distinct from what is mass-produced on the market.

2. Spend less time doing chores. While many argue that not working on chores all the time is considered lazy, minimalists are accomplished in making their homes look neater and doing less to upkeep it. They have less stuff, they choose to live in smaller spaces, they have smaller yards, and they are selective about the people they invite over, so they don't need to use their homes to impress others.

3. Wear plain clothes in neutral colors. Minimalists are huge advocates of capsule wardrobes and wearing only what is comfortable and practical. They don't focus too much on how they look because it is a waste of time and energy. However, they do dress better in less time because they know what fits them and what colors look best on them and don't waste time on chasing trends or wearing things that aren't suited for their day-to-day lives.

4. Regularly donate or sell things they don't use. They like to donate and sell things to get rid of clutter and make room for things that are more important to them.

5. Say no more often to things that do not matter to them. Going to the mall on Black Friday? No. That holiday party with people you barely know? No. That dinner party hosted by someone powerful who intimidates you? No thanks. That vacation to a touristy part of a big city with your friend? No way. Minimalists like to say no and keep their schedules uncluttered, so that they have more time to devote to more important activities like relaxation, being alone, being with people who are most dear to them, and working on their side hustles.

6. Read minimalism blogs and watch minimalism videos. They like to learn about new ways to keep organized, maintain a budget, and find more meaning in a slower-paced lifestyle. 

7. See the "bigger picture" of life. They understand that life is too short to keep up with the rat race, they aren't guaranteed tomorrow, their life doesn't have to follow a standard formula, and focusing on how life looks to others can make one feel more anxious and depressed. They don't get caught up in the little details or fuss over how things don't look perfect enough. All these things are fleeting and feeling stressed out over things that don't last is a waste of time, burdensome, and unnecessary.

8. Value time more than money. They would rather find a smart way to earn more money in less time. They would rather spend time on something they enjoy than fill their schedules to the brim. They know that time is more valuable than money because they can never regain the time that they lost doing something that isn't essential to them. 

9. Never feel bored. Feeling bored is a crime. Boredom is why most people go shopping for things they don't need, spend too much time watching television, compare themselves to others on social media, and believe that external things will make them happy. Minimalists don't feel uneasy when they find themselves sitting still, nor do they seek out entertainment for every waking moment of the day. They understand that stillness is beneficial and consuming things just to alleviate boredom won't cure feelings of emptiness inside.

10. Have a mindset of abundance, not scarcity. They recognize that they have potential to give something of value to the world and inspire others to think and live differently from the rest of society. They believe that life is more than just surviving by competing with others for scarce resources. They know that making decisions out of fear and lack will only worsen their lives and never give them a sense of peace or fulfillment.