A Minimalist Lists Out Her Belongings

Although I’m still not at the point where I can fit everything I own into one suitcase, I have simplified my physical belongings to the essentials and there really is something therapeutic about having all of my belongings right in front of me and being able to see exactly what I have.


6 short-sleeved tees (white, black, 2 sky blue, dark blue, light gray)

7 long-sleeved tees (3 black, navy, stone blue, purple, blue stripes)

black tank dress

black shirt dress

stone blue wrap dress

sky blue embroidered dress

gray t-shirt dress

olive green t-shirt dress

4 camis (2 black, 1 white, 1 sky blue)

3 pairs of black leggings

3 sweatshirts (black, sky blue, gray)

2 cashmere sweaters (black and sky blue)

navy & white striped acrylic sweater

sky blue cotton sweater

military green utility jacket

black puffer jacket

cream white down jacket

underwear and socks

Winter Accessories

crocheted cream white wool hat (handmade)

basic navy hat

navy wool gloves

purple ski gloves

3-in-1 white and blue gloves

gray earmuffs


black baseball cap

light blue resin ring


white sneakers

black and white striped flip-flops

simple black flats


purse (black, white, and blue pattern)

teal backpack

2 duffle bags (blue, purple)


21.5” iMac

jet black iPhone 7

blue iPod Touch 5

Canon T6

white LED desk lamp




white marble journal

blue bullet journal

dark blue spiral-bound journal

2 composition books


forms and documents folder

college diploma

various office supplies: pens, pencils, colored pencils, stapler, erasers

Stuffed Animals

Not listed because who’s interested in those? I have a bunch of mice. They all fit into one blue duffle bag.

Why aren’t there any CDs or Books?

I use my computer and phone to read and listen to music. I’ve digitized my media collection.