8 Things People Of The Present Do Differently

It is no secret that humans are chronic worriers, though some more than others. People who have a hard time letting go of the past definitely worry a lot and overthink all the things they’ve done, which they believe people are judging them for, much to the detriment of their mental health.

But the truth is that it all doesn’t matter. Even when the past has its firm grip on you, there’s nothing beneficial about putting yourself in fear of your future based on what you did wrong in the past, and there is always a chance to change in the present. To start over. To be able to see things for what they are instead of through a lens of dark and unresolved emotions. There’s nothing more freeing than having the ability to pursue anything without any guilt of the past holding you back.

And here are some things people of the present do differently:

  1. They jump right into the things they intend to do on any given day without thinking of all the things that could go wrong, based on something that happened before.

  2. They don’t worry about instantaneous perfection or how others might perceive them because they recognize that in the moment, all that matters is keeping the momentum going.

  3. They are incredibly grateful for where they are now, even when it’s not what they expected in the past. Even when they haven’t fulfilled every wish or whimsy of their past selves.

  4. They’ve come to accept the past for what it is, not because they’ve repressed their memories, but because they’ve allowed themselves to feel what they feel and spend conscious effort in reflecting on certain events to see where they can make room for continuous growth.

  5. They don’t accuse or blame others for their past misfortunes. They recognize that an argument is ineffective when it brings up past events over and over again, especially when it’s used to attack someone’s character and deficiencies.

  6. They get more done. Because they aren’t burdened by who they were before and the expectations that came with it, they are able to go about their days with less time spent on overthinking their decisions and wondering if anything will go wrong.

  7. They plan for the future in a healthy way. They know the importance of having a few major goals that would help them thrive, but they aren’t obsessed with having every little detail planned out or getting upset with how much more work they still need to do to attain that future. Instead, they realize that while having an idea is helpful for being prepared, they ultimately cannot have the final say in how the future will turn out and they’ve embraced uncertainties.

  8. They love who they are and practice self-care by giving themselves enough to enjoy on any given day.