I Am the Unknown_NEWCOVER_LARGE.png

Cover design: Christine Chen


I Am the Unknown is the third poetry book Christine has written, but it is the first official one that she has ever released to the world. This collection is a showcasing of the interconnectedness of the self, the soul, nature, society, universal symbolism, and the vast expanses of space and time. It's a cohesive synthesis of contemporary poetry, mystical lyricism, first-person narrative, and traditional poetry. These poems reveal a distinct perspective on what it means to break, heal, and evolve in way that reveals who you are destined to be, even when you feel perpetually lost in the unknown.

This is a must-have for fans of spiritual symbolism, streams-of-consciousness, candid midnight thoughts, unconventional self-help, expressions that evoke still-life portraits, and allusions to timeless music.

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Layout problems, need more time to fix this. Aiming for a June 15 release date, thank you all so much for your patience!