Q + A


When did you realize that you wanted to write songs? 2012

Which artist has the most influence on your work? I try not to sound like anyone else, but John Denver inspired me to write music.

What’s your genre? melancholy and introspective acoustic indie folk

Lyrics vs. music? Lyrics, hands down! However, solid melodies and production are necessary to turn a good song into a great one, so both are important.

When is your album coming out? I don’t have a set date, BUT I do want to have it finished before my birthday. Other than that, everything else will be a surprise!

What instruments do you play? Currently, the only instrument I own is a guitalele (guitar + ukulele hybrid). I played piano and violin when I was in elementary school, I dabbled in guitar but I just couldn’t manage complicated chords with my tiny fingers, and I picked up ukulele for a bit.

Writing Process? Hmm…I scribble a few lines on paper and then envision a melody that would fit well. Sorry if I’m being very vague, but melodies just hit me in a way I can’t really explain.

Vocal range: E3 - E5, so I’d be an alto.

Are you aiming for a record deal? No. I’m satisfied with just making this a side project - recording an album in my bedroom and having total creative control over it.

I really cannot imagine myself going on tour, performing every week in different cities around the world, or getting interviewed for magazines and TV shows, and I’m okay with that. This album is for the purpose of creating something that best represents another side of who I am as an artist because music adds a whole other dimension that can’t exactly be seen in writing alone.

What are your favorite albums from 2019 so far?

  • Heard It in a Past Life - Maggie Rogers

  • Sucker Punch - Sigrid

  • Jade Bird - Jade Bird

    These three are my most favorite artists of today because they stand out both musically and lyrically, they’re down-to-earth and humble, and I just love their aesthetics and overall vibes. They deserve more recognition than they get now.


Songs That Made Me Want To Write Songs